BDH Weekend Review: Job Dun!

Well that was a pretty good weekend!

4 BDH qualifiers – 2 winners. For good measure the Haydock Sprint Cup winner was also thrown into the mix; good work GLB.

When reviewing the weekends action for my own records I also, naturally, kept my BDH brain in full recruitment mode as I look to replace and strengthen our squad. Unfortunately nothing instantly stood out at me and I won’t add new members just for the sake of it. That would be pointless and a sure way to eek into our profits.

I have a couple of potentials in mind but I want to review the action again with a fresh mind, possibly tonight or tomorrow, and do a bit more digging into their previous form.

For now, however, I’ll give you my thoughts on our 4 weekend runners and where we go from here with them…

Weekend BDH runners…

BDH Runner: REDVERS 1.55 Ascot – 1st at BFSP 10.37

He was drawn with pace round about him and jockey Richard Kingscote gave him a superb ride, hooking behind the pace on his side instead of right out the back and cruising into contention in style; job was a good ‘un.

As far as I’m concerned for our BDH list it is “thanks and good-bye, we will call again if your services are required”. As always that doesn’t mean I won’t back him in the future but for now he drops off the BDH list after doing the job we employed him for; securing us some tasty profits!

Good lad Redvers and best of luck going forward.

BDH Runner: WAKING WARRIOR 2.00 Thirsk – 6th at BFSP 12.5

The Kevin Ryan horse always seemed to be climbing a slippy slope here and that has to go down primarily to the draw. I thought it may be tricky from his berth but I maybe gave too much credence to its effect being lessened over the furlong further. Lesson learned and for now he stays in our squad.

I want to see him get a real shot at a race from a decent draw before making a solid assessment of his position in our squad.

BDH Runner: TAWHID 2.40 Haydock – 4th at BFSP 4.92

Hmmmmm…Tawhid…hmmmmmm. Either Mosse got the tactics wrong or the tactics he was given were wrong. The horse maybe didn’t help himself too much either but the facts are he managed to meet trouble in-running and wasn’t really able show his true potential. Once in the clear, and the race was over, he looked to have plenty left to give.

I learned nothing from this run, which is a shame as he had his ground on this occasion and should have been able to show more. He stays on the list for now.

BDH Runner: DUNGANNON 5.10 Ascot 1st at BFSP 4.74

This played out perfectly for Dunny and he made no mistake this time. I was a bit concerned by the price beforehand but I managed to get 5.5 on the exchanges about 15-20 mins before the off and I was happy with that; the more I looked at the race through the day the more convinced I became that he was going to win. (I tweeted 10 mins before the off that I had backed him, for transparency’s sake).

I see no need to keep him in our squad from here on in and like Redvers we say goodbye to Dunny after his well-timed victory at Ascot.

Good job Dunny, job well done, we may well see you back in the squad at some time in the future…

The other race covered by myself was the Group 1 Haydock Sprint Cup…

Haydock Sprint Cup

GORDON LORD BYRON did the job in fantastic style for us and that my friends is how you win a Group 1 contest! Impressive! To be fair he had his conditions but regardless of that fact it was an almighty performance.

In the end I only went with Heeraat as my cover bet, viewing of the ground from earlier races put me off Lethal Force as did his ever diminishing price. My own pace notes suggested he wouldn’t get an easy lead and that mixed with the softened ground just didn’t sit well with me as we approached the off. It is safe to say his run shouldn’t be taken at face value, he is waaaay better than the end result and conditions simply did not play to his strengths.

Heeraat ran a very poor race but his jockey Paul Hanagan did report after the race that his mount had ‘lost it’s action’ so we maybe also shouldn’t take his run at face value either.

In the end this was all about GLB though and he confirmed that when conditions are tilted towards him he is a serious player in the Group 1 sprinting division.

BDH Handicap Sleepers…

Some of you probably noticed that one of the handicap sleepers in my recent FREE guide was running at York yesterday; TIGER REIGNS in the 3.35. You will also have hopefully noted he was clearly a ‘no-bet’.

The field size was way outside his comfort zone and he was also running over a trip that was 2.5 furlongs longer than his optimum; he finished a comfortable 41 lengths behind the winner in 18th place!

Personally I’m happy with that. That should see another drop down the ratings from Mr Handicapper and it should also see him start at some juicy odds next time out. Hopefully connections will find a race that meets requirements on his next start (if you have the guide you know what they are), I really think he can land something at lofty odds when he gets his conditions…

Closing thoughts for the day…

Back to the main BDH list and if I see a potential new addition to our squad to replace Redvers and Dungannon then I will fire up a Blog post later in the week with all the details.

I’m also now getting properly stuck into the National Hunt game behind the scenes as I start work on the NTF National Hunt service 2013/14. I’ll hopefully still be blogging as regularly as usual on here but if not you know the reason why…

Ben (BDH)


Tiger on the prowl…

English: in 2007 Esperanto: en la jaro 2007

Woods isn’t the only Tiger on the prowl…

Tiger on the prowl…

No, don’t worry I’ve not gone all golf on your ass, the Tiger in question here is the Michael Dodds trained TIGER REIGNS. The 7yo was strutting his stuff at Pontefract yesterday in the Class 4 Veterans Handicap at 4.30 and was generally un-fancied in the market.

The horse has been winless, and some would say massively out of form, since September 2010 but yesterday my antenna begun twitching when I started digging into his race specifications and preferences.

Here is what I uncovered….

Outwith his maiden win all 6 of his career victories have come under the following conditions…

Ridden by Phillip Makin | Racing over a mile | In a field of 12 or less runners

For the record his maiden win also ticked 2 of those filters.

Now I know what you are thinking, most of his runs probably came under those conditions. Well…uh…no. Before yesterday the form line of TIGER REIGNS under those race conditions read 51141111, pretty handy I would say! In other words he had raced under those conditions 8 times in his 36 career starts and won 6 of them. Even more interesting is the fact that after his last victory (that one back at Ayr in Sept 2010) he had only raced under his ‘ideal’ conditions ONCE!

Yesterday he was available at 18-1 with your regulation bookies and 32 (place 5.79) on the exchanges. Needless to say I had a punt in the win and place markets at those juicy odds…needless to say he finished where all good e/w bets finish…FOURTH! That is by the by though. Essentially what we have in TIGER REIGNS is an extremely well handicapped horse (currently sitting on 78, his career high win mark is 97 and has been rated as high as 102) who has a stringent set of ideal conditions which highlight when we should be looking to get involved in him.

The worry about him is whether or not he still has the will/ability to win. Yesterday definitely suggested there is still something there, especially from his current mark and especially under his ideal conditions, and as a horse that most are likely to dismiss as a ‘has-been’ I’m personally extremely interested in him.

I’m not adding him to the BDH offensive line, he isn’t a straight track kinda fella and didn’t catch my eye after running well from a poor draw, but he is worth keeping in mind from here on in, especially when he lines up with Makin on his back, over a mile and in a field of 12 or less. That form line now reads 451141111 by the way.

He isn’t a guaranteed future winner, not by a long shot, but he could just be one of those that rolls in at a tasty price from left-field when the planets align for him…

Ben (BDH)