Steps debrief…

Steps debrief: They were crap! Next!


Hard to crab the run, he probably ran right up to the form he has shown in recent performances. Wasn’t helped by the winner veering across the pack at the 1f pole, but neither were others and we’d be hard pushed to say it stopped him winning.

He recorded his 2nd best Proform speed figure for the run, 1lb behind his best, so again we can’t knock the run too much.

The jockeys reported after the first couple of races that the ground was riding on the fast side which won’t have helped his cause and again he is left waiting for some juicy underfoot conditions to play his strongest hand.

One thing we do have to watch with the 5yo is his handicap mark. He is creeping up the weights without winning and there is a chance he slopes onto a mark he can’t win from without having picked up a decent pot in the process. I’m hoping the handicapper doesn’t touch him for this latest run and he gets to the softer ground without breaching the 100 mark. It’s a small worry but a worry nevertheless, they all have a ceiling to their abilities and we don’t want him breaking through it before conditions really come for him.

On the jockey front I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to seeing young Thomas Brown back in the saddle. He has caught my eye on a few occasions this term and his 3lb claim certainly wouldn’t go amiss, he also has winning and placed form on the horse.

I would have preferred the win on Saturday but to be fair I would have also preferred him not to have been running in the Shergar Cup!!

Hey Ho though, it’s been and gone and we roll onwards and upwards.

I’ll potentially have another addition to the squad once I’ve done a full personal review of the weekends action so stay tuned…

Ben (BDH)


Steps to secure the Shergar Cup Dash?

The Shergar Cup. Bit like Glorious (Bad)Goodwood for me I’m afraid in that I’m probably not going to get overly involved in it. To be honest it’s not a race meeting I’ve ever looked into that closely in the past but at the same time there has always been a niggling feeling in the back of my bonce that there are probably ways and means to profit from the Shergar Cup format (if anyone has any suggestions leave a comment below!).

I’m actually beginning to think that the Glorious Goodwood/Shergar Cup period is a time of the year when I should go on holiday! Not meetings that I generally play heavily in and to add to it all there has barely been a sniff of National Hunt action to fall back on!

Anyhoo we have a BDH runner stepping into battle today so let’s deal with him before I tail off onto some needless tangent…

BDH Runner – STEPS (2.05 Ascot)

As things stand he looks to have his conditions.

The bare minimum trip = Check

A track he has run well at in the past = Check

Good or softer ground = Check

He has been running extremely well in recent runs on Good to Firm ground but this Good ground is much more his cup of tea. If it drys out to firmer then his chance becomes less, if it becomes juicier underfoot his chances increase.

In truth I was more expecting to see him in a large field-valuable handicap than this 10 runner affair but I, unfortunately(!!), don’t pick his targets.

His price is also a bit skinny for my liking and the 100/30 is borderline for me. 4/1+ would be fine but 100/30 (and less in plenty of places) just makes me hesitant a bit.

On the plus side, however, we do have the excellent Jimmy Doyler in the saddle and in a race/meeting where plenty of the jockeys won’t have that much experience of the track (or indeed that much experience of British racing) his presence can only but be a positive angle.

He is also a horse in a rich vein of form and has been running extremely well despite being hindered by sub-standard draws on his last 3 starts.

In a day of little action for me I’ll put my money where my mouth is and back our boy STEPS. At the end of the day, however, I’ll be a happier bunny when Glorious Goodwood & the Shergar Cup stop trying to derail my BDH train…

Ben (BDH)