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Badly Drawn Horse (BDH) is a sister site to Narrowing The Field (NTF).

For all NTF information and to see the original Racing site from BDH owner Ben Aitken please visit >>>

If you want more info about BDH (or indeed NTF) then please contact me at >>>

You can also follow me on Twitter at @Narrowthefield

To join the mailing list for Badly Drawn Horse then please visit the page on the link below (if you are already on the NTF mailing list then rest easy, you need do nothing more) >>>>>

Join the BDH/NTF mailing list (and pick up a vast array of FREE guides at the same time!)

Happy Punting

Ben (BDH)


5 thoughts on “Contact & Follow

    • Hi Jeffrey

      It is a mix of Proform, my own notes & the Racing Post site. Proform makes it easier to get an overall overview of the race although I do need to revert to my own notes/Racing Post site for foreign raiders.

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

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