Tiger on the prowl…

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Woods isn’t the only Tiger on the prowl…

Tiger on the prowl…

No, don’t worry I’ve not gone all golf on your ass, the Tiger in question here is the Michael Dodds trained TIGER REIGNS. The 7yo was strutting his stuff at Pontefract yesterday in the Class 4 Veterans Handicap at 4.30 and was generally un-fancied in the market.

The horse has been winless, and some would say massively out of form, since September 2010 but yesterday my antenna begun twitching when I started digging into his race specifications and preferences.

Here is what I uncovered….

Outwith his maiden win all 6 of his career victories have come under the following conditions…

Ridden by Phillip Makin | Racing over a mile | In a field of 12 or less runners

For the record his maiden win also ticked 2 of those filters.

Now I know what you are thinking, most of his runs probably came under those conditions. Well…uh…no. Before yesterday the form line of TIGER REIGNS under those race conditions read 51141111, pretty handy I would say! In other words he had raced under those conditions 8 times in his 36 career starts and won 6 of them. Even more interesting is the fact that after his last victory (that one back at Ayr in Sept 2010) he had only raced under his ‘ideal’ conditions ONCE!

Yesterday he was available at 18-1 with your regulation bookies and 32 (place 5.79) on the exchanges. Needless to say I had a punt in the win and place markets at those juicy odds…needless to say he finished where all good e/w bets finish…FOURTH! That is by the by though. Essentially what we have in TIGER REIGNS is an extremely well handicapped horse (currently sitting on 78, his career high win mark is 97 and has been rated as high as 102) who has a stringent set of ideal conditions which highlight when we should be looking to get involved in him.

The worry about him is whether or not he still has the will/ability to win. Yesterday definitely suggested there is still something there, especially from his current mark and especially under his ideal conditions, and as a horse that most are likely to dismiss as a ‘has-been’ I’m personally extremely interested in him.

I’m not adding him to the BDH offensive line, he isn’t a straight track kinda fella and didn’t catch my eye after running well from a poor draw, but he is worth keeping in mind from here on in, especially when he lines up with Makin on his back, over a mile and in a field of 12 or less. That form line now reads 451141111 by the way.

He isn’t a guaranteed future winner, not by a long shot, but he could just be one of those that rolls in at a tasty price from left-field when the planets align for him…

Ben (BDH)


9 thoughts on “Tiger on the prowl…

  1. Ben, thanks for the update on Tiger Reigns.
    Looking at his profile a little closer using “Horseracebase” this is what i have come up with…

    Jockey: Phillip Makin
    Race Distance: 6F to 1M
    No of runners: 10 or less
    7 wins from 8 runs under the above conditions = 87.5%

    One further point 6 of his wins came when racing left-handed.

    • Hi Eamon

      I’d be happy to ‘ignore’ the 6f win as that was in his maiden, since then all wins have come over a mile.

      I did notice then 10 runner trend after I had posted the article, not sure how I overlooked that 1st time round, very unlike me. Interestingly if you go with the following filters – Makin/1 mile/10 runners or less (in handicaps) – you get the following form line 111111!

      I’m hoping we can nail this one sooner rather than later.

      Cheers mate

      Ben (BDH)

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