BDH Update: Jack delivers but we wait on the Doctor…

Jack does just enough at Newcastle.

Just a quick update on a couple of BDH runners that took to the track over the weekend. I was actually away in Wales for a couple of days on a mini tour with Mrs NTF (She doesn’t want to switch names between Mrs NTF & Mrs BDH…so she remains as Mrs NTF on here!!) and just didn’t have the time/coverage to post them on here before they ran.

Both runners took the track on Saturday, one had his conditions whilst the other didn’t quite have his conditions….

JACK DEXTER – 29-06-13 Newcastle 2.05 Betfred Chipchase Stakes

I was slightly surprised to see this boy out so quickly after his Ascot run but it was obviously too good an opportunity for connections to pass up, especially as the rain had opened up the ground for him. The conditions were correct for us to get involved, being that it was over 6f and on ground with cut in it. The price was admittedly a bit skinny but he did the job with just enough to spare. I though Graham Lee gave him a fine ride as the horse had very little cover in the small field and Lee had to produce at just the right time, which he did.

The horse remains on the BDH list, he is obviously in fine fettle and fingers crossed he can get plenty of underfoot cut in future assignments.

DOCTOR PARKES – 29-06-13 Chester 2.45 Ma Kelly’s Blackpool Handicap

The ground was Good to Soft here and we really want at least Good ground before we get our money down; this was a no bet for me. He also had a relatively poor draw from stall 8. The upside of this lackluster run was that he was dropped another 1lb by the handicapper, always good for when we get him on his favoured conditions.

He remains on the BDH list.

Ben (BDH)


13 thoughts on “BDH Update: Jack delivers but we wait on the Doctor…

  1. i was on jack,admittedly i don’t do short price favorites usually but bdh with you at the helm ben is top draw and i thought graham lee timed it perfectly as my heart was in my mouth you was bang on with everything as per,nice one Jules

    • Hi Jules. Yeah I’m not much of an odds-on player at all to be honest but this looked a solid opening for the horse, albeit not where I thought his next run would be. Think Lee was wary of not bottoming the horse out after a hard run at Ascot.

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

  2. i forgot i didn’t do doctor parkes either due to what you said about the ground,i read some garbage recently when some so called tipster said ” if a horse can run ground does not matter” ——- —- bad words from me thanks Ben

    • Yeah ground is hugely important. Some horses can win on any ground but most of the racing population have ground preferences and it would be folly to ignore that. In most cases ground matters.

      The Doctor’s turn will come before long 🙂

      Thanks for the comments as always – Ben (BDH)

  3. Doctor Parkes in at Sandown tomorrow and the weather looks scorching. Also, when he ran at Newmarket the Williams stable were in terrible nick. Not now they’re not!. The stable likes a punt too so get in early or follow the money!

    • Hi Peter

      Currently Good at Sandown so if we can get a bit firmer that will be just dandy. Williams yard very much hitting form so lets hope the Doc can keep it going. Good draw as well…

      Ben (BDH)

      • That’s the way I read it too – do we go in tonight or wait for it to lengthen on Betfair overnight????? 🙂

  4. I, too, ignored the good Doctor last time due to the ground and was waiting for it’s next run. Had already backed it for tomorrow before reading this so thanks for all the confirmations chaps!! 😉

  5. Sorry to obsess about Doctor Parkes and appreciating he’s off your ‘to follow’ list, but he’s double-declared at Chester and Ascot this Saturday. Let’s assume the weather holds and the going has ‘firm’ in it somewhere, then my guess is they’ll wait to see if he’s well-drawn at Chester (where he’s won 3 times previously) and go there. If not then he’ll be vet cetificated out and go to Ascot. If the former, then he’ll have a few shekels of mine given his track recordat the Roodeye and he’s clearly in form.

    • Hi peter

      Certainly wouldn’t be ruling out backing him again, simply off the BDH list as he isn’t a ‘badly drawn horse’ and doubt he will be under the radar in next couple of runs.

      But you make very fair points and ground/draw/price etc dependent he may well be worth an interest if running again this week.

      Good spot mate.

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

      • i will look out for him certainly,i just gotta see who hes up against etc,i also been told the weather will hold out all July so ground should not be a problem,and if Neal Callan rides again, you make valid points Pete regards Jules

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