Royal Ascot Day 1: The King’s Stand Dosage & Trends Analysis

Can Animal Kingdom get favourite backers off to a flyer?

Royal Ascot 2013! The waiting is finally over.

Day 1 begins with a bang and a three pronged assault. It starts with Animal Kingdom trying to cement his place as the best horse in the world in the Queen Anne Stakes. The speed-balls are next out of the traps in the King’s Stand Stakes as they try and blitz down the 5f track. Then Dawn Approach starts on the road to recovery as he attempts to put his Derby misery behind him with a shot at the St James’s Palace Stakes. Nothing like starting slowly is there?!?

Before we go on lets have a little straw poll of BDH readers…

Royal Ascot can be a real ball-ache over the 5 days and if you aren’t careful it can leave your punting bank high and dry. My advice is set out a plan early on and stick to it. You don’t want to be throwing bets out willy nilly so plan your assault and stick to the path you have chosen.

To try and help you along the way I will be covering one race each day here on the Blog, starting with the speedster’s in the King’s Stand Stakes.

I’ve produced my usual pace-map in the guide and it looks like there should be an even-ish spread of pace across the track, although if push comes to shove I would probably plump for the middle as being the zone where most of the pace is happening.

It is all in today’s guide, which you can download, for free, from the link below…

>>>King’s Stand Stakes Analysis Guide

As always you don’t have to side with me here, there is plenty of analysis in the guide that you can utilize into your own thoughts and workings.

Happy Royal Ascot punting, however you decide to put the guide to use.

Ben (BDH)


13 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 1: The King’s Stand Dosage & Trends Analysis

    • Cheers Boo

      I would love it if Medicean Man wins. Won’t be carrying my money but if he wins he can then go tell my horse (Trending) how to win!!

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

  1. great read Ben…I dont suppose you have done any personal dosage analysis on the marathon at 5.00…some breeding pointers would be much appreciated!….agree with Reckless Abandon, backed him last night. Seems to be a consensus that Sole Power should run well, so may have small interest in him.

    am hoping elusive kate or trade storm get me off to a flyer in the Queen Anne!

    great guide, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Josh

      Not done anything on the 5.00 yet I’m afraid, If I get a chance I will try an post something in the comments later.

      Hoping Reckless Abandon still has plenty of improvement in him yet.

      Quite like Elusive Kate myself and if AK fails to fire she looks the one that could benefit.

      Best of luck

      Ben (BDH)

  2. excellent stuff ben as per i like 2 doc hay ew and kingsgate native,but i tend to do 3 in a race like this and bungle was on my paperwork,but im gna be reckless and abandon bungle!!! have a great day ben good luck

    • Thanks Jules

      I would tend to do 3 in a race of this nature as well, a few I could have gone with as well and Shea Shea is a big danger to all (stating the obvious I know!).

      Best of luck and have a fab day as well

      Ben (BDH)

  3. For anyone interested here are the Dosage trends for the Ascot Stakes at 5.00…

    DP 15/15 had 16 points or more in their DP
    11/15 had 20 points or more in their DP

    DI 13/15 had a DI of 1.29 or below
    10/15 had a DI of 1.12 or below

    CD 13/15 had a CD of 0.38 or below
    9/15 had a CD of 0.12 or below

    DPA (13/15) – DQ – 4 / 20+ – 7 / PATB – 2

    Running Style fr-1 / cp-7 / hu-7

    Possibly not as strong as one would think but still something to work with.

    Ben (BDH)

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