Epsom Derby Meeting Day 1: Dosage & Trends Analysis

Which of today’s fillies will fill the shoes of Was?

Classic time again this weekend and I’m taking another dive into the top class action on offer and giving it the full Trends and Dosage shakedown!

Today I’m tackling 3 races; The Diomed Stakes, The Investec Mile and the big one of the day The Investec Oaks.

You can download the full analysis guide, for FREE, from the following link –

>>>NTF Epsom Derby meeting Day 1 Analysis Guide

As always you don’t have to side with me here, there is plenty of analysis in the guide that you can utilize into your own thoughts and workings.

Happy punting however you decide to put the guide to use.

p.s. I’m starting to pull together the BDH Trend Horses page so give it a look when you get a chance (click tab in menu bar above).

Ben (BDH)


14 thoughts on “Epsom Derby Meeting Day 1: Dosage & Trends Analysis

  1. Excellent work Ben.
    The way you lay the data on screen makes for perfect viewing and it is easily understood.
    Cannot disagree with your selections. Good luck with the new site and with your selections today.

    • Many thanks Dave

      I wanted to make the data a bit smoother on the page and I think this new format does the trick. Also wanted to separate my jumps stuff from my flat stuff so it’s still my good self but just split across 2 sites 🙂

      Best of luck today

      Ben (BDH)

  2. An excellent analysis, clearly presented, My three against the field for the Oaks: Liber Nauticus, Talent and Moth

  3. Great Stuff Ben. I understand everything apart from the in running codes ????. I like your picks. One for you. I think there’s a horse on the upgrade who could surprise a few people in the 14.10 at Epsom. I was on Tres Coronnas last time it ran a Chester. Good price. Downside they changed the jockey from Paul Mulrennan to Graham Gibbons.
    Mulrennan has a great strike rate when riding for this trainer. However I will still back it even if
    it’s a career high mark. Best Daniel.

    • Hi Daniel

      In-Running codes are as follows – FR=Front Runner | CP=Close to Pace | HU=Hold Up runner.

      Decent run from Tres Coronas today. He was a trend horse of mine a couple of seasons ago and still remains on my tracker. The career high mark is a worry for him at the minute although he wasn’t overly inconvenienced today I guess…

      Cheers for the comment – Ben (BDH)

  4. Excellent analysis Ben, Had already picked out Bennzano from my own analysis was nice to see you came to the same conclusion…… Best of luck with the selections

    • Many thanks Phil

      Glad my analysis strengthened your Bennzano pick, lets hope he lands the spoils for us both!

      Best of luck your end as well mate

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

  5. Excellent work Ben. Very well presented . It makes clear interpretation of your work in easy to consume style . Good luck with the selections. I will personally be having an interest and look forward to future articles.

    • Thanks you Jim, much appreciated.

      My aim was to make the guides as user friendly as possible and provide enough in there that people can use them how they see fit, if that is what they want to do, whether that be looking for their own selection amongst the data or using it to support the analysis they have already done. Equally they can follow my own personal selections knowing exactly how I came to that conclusion (hopefully the correct conclusion!!).

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

    • Question I’ll be asking myself over and over, don’t worry!

      Like in the Chester Cup the figures were spot on, my own selection wide of the mark. Much better that way round though because if the figures were wide of the mark I’d have no chance!

      Ben (BDH)

    • Cheers Mike… and as for Talent I reckon I’ll be having bloody nightmares about that one tonight!!

      Consolation is that the figures were spot on.

      Cheers – Ben (BDH)

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